Patient Portal

Easy access to your personal health information.
  • Access to exam details
  • Vital statistics review
  • Cardiac testing results
  • Insurance coverage specifics
  • Enhanced communication with your provider

The Foothill Cardiology team is proud to introduce our on-line health portal for our patients. Through this portal, patients can access and manage their health demographics, insurance information, exam details and communicate with your provider electronically.

Our patient portal is a protected site where only you or individuals you designate can have access to your information. Itís easy, user friendly, and designed to help you stay informed, healthy and safe.

Follow these easy steps to access your Health Portal. There you can create your profile, manage your settings and customize your password.
  1. During your visit, provide your personal email address to any of our staff members.
  2. You will receive a token which is used to access your on line portal. You will also receive an email with the link to the portal for easy access.
  3. Click the Patient Portal logo at the top of the page to access the login screen.
  4. Use your email address as your username and choose your password.
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